What we do

The long term objective is to build a modern take on the Plymouth Hooker, a 10 meter long-liner that operated in the South West Approaches at the end of the 19th century. In the short term we are using a similar vessel for which a mould already exists, and which is based on an oyster-dredger and long-liner from the same period. These hulls are being laid up by Evolution Boats of Cornwall, and will subsequently be fitted out in Plymouth by members of the co-operative, under supervision and with training from the Boat Building Academy at Lyme Regis. These vessels will be SeaFish certified.


Running concurrently with the fitting out of these vessels we will be constructing a plug of the Plymouth Hooker, from which we will subsequently produce a mould and further hulls to enhance the fleet. The target is to build four of the Oyster 27’ vessels and a further two Hookers.


Once the fishing fleet is established, there will be additional diversification allowing development of boat restoration skills, and the construction of a working boat yacht based on the Hooker hull.

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We now have two hulls ordered from Evolution Boats in Cornwall.